Image: Screen captures from WolvesFleet and Jammer-shop

We were talking with the folks at Chronos the other day (Chronos is an RNTF corporate member). They mentioned an interesting development. Jammers that look like everyday objects.

Check out the image  above for what looks like a USB drive. Is is actually a jammer that will block GPS within 5 meters.

That would be pretty hard to recognize in a conference room or any where else.

But don’t stop there! The framed art on the right wall is also a GPS and cell phone jammer that can blanket the whole room. It  activates when it senses a mobile device in the room.

These kinds of surreptitious devices could cause a lot of mischief.

Don’t worry, though. The folks in China that offer the picture jammer say it is only for sale to law enforcement, prison officials, security agencies, and the like.