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Blog Editor’s Note: With a passenger aircraft almost crashing into a mountain, drones big enough to kill someone crashing in back yards, and aircraft enroute nearly departing controlled flight, it is no wonder ICAO told its members addressing GNSS disruption is an urgent priority.

PNT Community members should find this event interesting:

This online event is part of our round of Stakeholder Forum discussions, where we tackle some of the hottest topics in European aviation with a wide range of key players, within and outside our industry.

Can aviation continue to rely on satellite navigation?

While the answer remains a clear “yes” in most parts of the world, it has also become a clear “no” in some areas where operations have been affected, especially on routes between Europe and the Middle East and Asia.

This webinar will explore:

  • the operational impact of radio frequency interference and how we can continue to ensure safe and efficient operations;
  • what measures should be taken to limit the proliferation of widespread interference to satellite navigation;
  • how we can ensure interference-free operations for all users of satellite navigation, including civil aviation, military and other users;
  • how the combination of space-based and terrestrial systems should evolve in order to deliver resilient infrastructure support to aviation at acceptable costs while preserving the benefits of satellite navigation.

During the 90-minute webinar, a multi-disciplinary panel will assess these challenges from the operational, regulatory, civil-military and technical perspectives.