Blog Editor’s Note: One hour and fourteen minutes before its end, the Trump administration published the “National Research and Development Plan for PNT Resilience.”

Does it matter?  Many of those who authored it are no longer in a position to do anything about it.

Yes, for a several reasons. First, R&D in any area, is almost always a good thing. Also, the folks who developed the plan provided a very nice outline of the many ways we need to improve our understanding of our PNT services. Also why and how they should be improved.

And a lot of the smart folks who contributed to it are still important players in the national PNT space.

Many see the last administration as preferring to continue admiring the problem rather than acting to solve it. “More study” was a relatively constant call as a way of deflecting the need for action.

But this is an R&D Plan. On its own, for what it is, it’s a pretty great document.

We will likely write more about this in the coming weeks.

In the meanwhile, since the electronic archives at the White House are undergoing a transformation from the old administration to the new, you can find a copy of the plan on our website at the link below.

National Research and Development Plan for PNT Resilience