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Blog Editor’s Note: An interesting article in an outlet we had not accessed before.  Thanks to several alert readers for sending this our way.

A number of issues raised wrt GPS including the FCC’s decision on Ligado, vulnerabilities, DoD’s need to harden, etc. We recommend you click READ MORE and access the full article.

Lawmakers Concerned China May Hack, Disrupt U.S. Military Satellite Networks

By Kris Osborn – Warrior Maven

(Washington D.C.) What if a drone-launched, precision-guided Hellfire missile or fighter-jet air-dropped bomb was heading directly toward a designated enemy target, but it was disabled or its trajectory were suddenly jammed, altered or thrown off-course? Even worse, what if its flight path were sabotaged, taken over or directed toward a friendly target?

Or imagine a dismounted infantry unit is navigating rigorous, uneven terrain while under enemy fire, when their hand-held GPS location device showing friendly and enemy troop locations was cut off or fed false information?

While there naturally continue to be ongoing efforts to “harden” GPS signals against enemy interference, these types of concerning scenarios may become even more likely to take place under one dangerous scenario. The problem is what would happen if a firm’s emerging 5G network is permitted to further mature into American and U.S.-allied markets for GPS-types of networking technology.