Blog Editor’s Note: This is an interesting and promising development.

GPS receivers are a cybersecurity concern in two ways.  First, they are vulnerable to denial of service from jamming and misdirection from spoofing (some consider jamming and spoofing “computer security” vice “cyber” threats – potato/potaaato). GPS receivers are also fairly sophisticated computers. So they are susceptible to the same kind of cyber threats as other computers.

We are eager to see the DHS’ completed strategy and look forward to a number of constructive actions and programs flowing from it.



DHS official: ‘Strategic plan’ for cybersecurity of GPS technology coming soon

March 28, 2019 |

Mariam Baksh

DHS’ National Risk Management Center is finalizing a “strategic plan” to address cybersecurity risks presented by Position, Navigation and Timing systems like the Global Positioning System, according to a DHS official familiar with efforts to secure Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s sign-off on the plan.

“We have a strategic plan in the works that we’re hoping will be issued shortly by the secretary, which speaks to both position navigation and timing,” said Sarah Ellis Peed, associate director of the NRMC…

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