Blog Editor’s Note: Our observation is that the UK seems, in many ways, to be more focused on technology resilience than many countries. A report issued in September at the request of the UK government recommends a list of business practices for organizations to help ensure their resilience to spectrum problems. All professional users of GPS/GNSS should carefully consider adopting. 

Below is the ten point checklist the report recommends for all organizations. 

1. Spectrum Audits: Do you know what frequencies you are using, who is using them and why?

2. Impact assessment: Do you know what the impact of the loss of spectrum access would be to your business, organisation, community or users?

3. Detection/Monitoring/Recording: Are you checking the availability/quality of frequencies being used?

4. Response and Recovery: Do you know what your response and recovery plan is; is there an incident management plan?

5. Reporting: How and when do you report disruptions?

6. Practice: Have you stress tested your system and your response and recovery plans?

7. Awareness: Is there an educational programme to raise the awareness of issues?

8. Updating: Do you implement regular updates?

9. Qualified personnel: Know who can configure and control your systems.

10, Board responsibility: Do your Directors take responsibility for spectrum resilience?

Cyber-Spectrum Resilience-Framework
A Paper Prepared on Behalf of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum Sept 2018