Blog Editor’s Note: While the Department of Homeland Security has said that it is working on a similar effort with NIST, progress has been slow. In fact, the government shutdown cancelled a workshop that was to be held at ION last week in Reston. We had been talking with them about this for a while and it is good to see SAE taking up the project.  We are sure that its and any government efforts will be complimentary.




SAE to Develop Guidelines for Resilient GNSS Receivers

The international standards organization SAE International is beginning a project to produce guidelines for resilient GNSS receivers.

According to Bill Woodward, chair of the organization’s Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Committee, “The low power level of GNSS satellite signals at the Earth’s surface makes receivers very susceptible to interference that effects their performance. There is a need for a standard that provides guidelines for resilient GNSS receivers which are less susceptible to interference.”

Such a standard would provide a benchmark for commercial and government entities to consider when selecting and using such equipment.

Woodward’s committee has already produced a number of important PNT-related documents. These include:

  • S. National Grid Standard SAE1002
  • Requirements for a Terrestrial Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) System to Improve Navigation Solutions and Ensure Critical Infrastructure Security SAE6857
  • Transmitted Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Signal Standard SAE9990
  • Transmitted Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Signal Standard for Tri-State Pulse Position Modulation SAE9990/1
  • Transmitted Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Signal Standard for 9th Pulse Modulation SAE9990/2

In addition to its effort on resilient GNSS receivers, the committee has seven other GNSS and Loran related projects underway.

For additional background on this topic, read: EU eLoran Efforts Sharpen while U.S. Requirements Study Continues 

The committee’s next meeting is April 16-18 in Tampa, Fla. Persons interested in joining the committee and participating should contact Ms. Dorothy Lloyd at [email protected].

More information about SAE’s PNT committee and copies of final documents are available at