Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Blog Editor’s Note: Russia continues to deny it is the source of GPS jamming in Norway’s north where the two countries share a border, despite conclusive evidence to the contrary. During some of the first jamming incidents Norway published measurements and graphics about the Russian signals. It would be interesting if they would continue to do that so we could see if the jamming signals have evolved over the last 17 months.

Aviation seems to be the most impacted. Earlier reports suggested other sectors may have been hit also, but no positive data has been provided.

Norway dismantled its Alternate PNT system (Loran-C) in 2015 as it wanted to show full support for Galileo, the EU GNSS system. This, despite the low cost of operation and British urging to remain part of a Northern European system. The UK is actively investigating ways to ensure its security in the event of a multi-day GNSS disruption.


Military forces on the heavily militarized Kola Peninsula have blinded GPS signals in Norwegian air space five times over the last 17 months.