In many areas of life it’s difficult to tell whether or not your GPS/GNSS signal is being deliberately disrupted or something else is going wrong. It is often much easier in aviation and maritime operations.

A presentation by Spirent’s Guy Buesnel and Steve Hickling at last week’s IAIN conference in Japan provided some examples of reports from the commercial aviation community.

We thought this pilot report from 2017 was particularly disturbing and a good example of the threat to lives that disruptions create:

“The GPS signal briefly went away… within 30 seconds everything was normal again…GPS loss seemed an illusion. ATC said no one else has reported an outage so I wondered if I had encountered a trucker with a GPS jammer on a highway or similar. So I continued – into the rain, clouds, and turbulence… Then all hell broke loose; GPS signal failure, ADSB failure, multiple cascading messages on the GTN.”

You can access the presentation slides here.