Blog Editor’s Note: Tracking and peoples’ reaction to it is an entire field of study on its own. While reading “Pinpoint – How GPS is Changing Technology, Culture, and Our Minds” we were surprised to come upon an entire chapter devoted to behavioral science.

On reflection, though, it was probably the most important chapter. Because it is not our technology that is important, it is what we do with it and what it does to us that really matters.

Fake Your Location if Your Parents Installed a GPS Tracker on Your Android Phone

There are dozens of apps like Glympse, Family Locator, and Find My Kids that let parents see where their children’s phones are, but they all have one fatal flaw: It’s incredibly easy to spoof locations to make it look like the phone is somewhere else.Apps can’t get direct access to a phone’s GPS chip. Instead, the phone’s operating system monitors the location provided by GPS and other sources, then simply passes this information on to apps that request it. This is where spoofing comes into play. You can use another app to change the system’s location data, which will then be reported to the tracking app like it was your genuine physical location.

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