Blog Editor’s Note: Whenever we have spoken to folks from the electrical grid sector, their position on GPS vulnerability has been “we can operate the grid without GPS, we just can’t manage it.” This has always seemed a strange way to approach the issue to us.  Who wants to have an unmanageable electrical grid? But then it is natural for folks to try and downplay challenges with the systems they operate. 

The paper  described below takes a bit of a different look at things. What about if GPS didn’t go away, but was spoofed at a critical point?  Interesting question…

Science Daily

Protecting autonomous grids from potentially crippling GPS spoofing attacks

July 19, 2018
University of California – Santa Barbara
Not long ago, getting a virus was about the worst thing computer users could expect in terms of system vulnerability. But in our current age of hyper-connectedness and the emerging Internet of Things, that’s no longer the case. With connectivity, a new principle has emerged, one of universal concern to those who work in the area of systems control. That law says, essentially, that the more complex and connected a system is, the more susceptible it is to disruptive cyber-attacks.

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