Blog Editor’s Note: A recent “Inside GNSS” article discussed broad efforts being made across organizations and companies to address increasing concerns about GPS vulnerability. One of the events cited was a NIST workshop the RNT Foundation helped develop. A MITRE presentation at that workshop offered their version of “PTA” (Protect, Toughen, and Augment) GPS/GNSS as “ANTSERR” (Advanced Navigation and Timing Strategy for Enhanced Robustness and Resilience). – They also talked about the need for “PVT” (position, velocity, time), vice the traditional “PNT” (positioning, navigation, and timing)…  Fine, pronounce “potato” any way you like.

The important thing is that we agree with all of their recommendations. These are positions we have been advocating since RNTF was founded and we appreciate MITRE’s endorsements!

MITRE has gone one step further, recommending designing GPS out of systems. From slide 12:

  • Focus R&D to accelerate use of selected alternate PVT sources

    • When better replacements are already available, “design out” GPS

GPS/GNSS signals are very vulnerable. If there is something less vulnerable that works, we agree it makes sense to use it.