Blog Editor’s Note: We aren’t suggesting you pay $5795.00 for this market analysis report. But it is interesting to see that the jammer market is big enough to warrant such an effort. Also that all the companies cited as feeding the market are major players, presumably selling only to governments and abiding by the laws of each country.

Of course, there is an entirely different market that might be just as large, if not larger, than the one described in this report. Last year our friends at Chronos Technology in the UK found more than 60 websites of companies selling GPS/GNSS jammers, none of which were major government contractors. And our friends at the EU’s STRIKE3 project have detected hundreds of thousands of GPS/GNSS disruption incidents from 300 different kinds of jammers, showing that, once they are out in the world, these jammers are being put to use.

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Signal Jammer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025

A signal jammer is a kind of device which blocks reception or transmission of signals, typically by forming some kind of interference at that same frequency range that cell phone normally use. Due to that, a cell phone user will either lose the signal or experience significant loss of the signal quality. Signal jammers have both malicious and benign uses. Military and the police often use them for the purpose of limiting or disrupting communications during the hostage situation, during bomb threats or when the military action is ongoing.. The growth of signal jammer market is highly reliant on the growth of application of signal jammers in military and defense industry globally.

For purpose of in depth analysis, the signal jammer market has been segmented on the basis of jammer types, applications and geography. Based on the jammer type, the market has been segmented mainly into ten types they are like 3G/GSM jammer, GPS jammer, GSM/GPS jammer, WIFI/Bluetooth jammer, remote control jammer, UHF/VHF jammer, bug detector,4G jammer, military jammer and others. Various types of applications of signal jammer includes application in home security, military and defense and RF applications. Moreover, this report also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segment across different regions such as  Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

Regular investment in the military expenditure is one of the major growth driver for the signal jammer market. Increasing usage of unmanned aerial vehicle in the restricted areas and growing need to restrain the usage of unauthorized electronic gadget in the exam hall and very large gathering are also the key growth drivers for the signal jammer market. Therefore, the continuously increasing dependency of the businesses on the GPS based application is also one of the main factor anticipated to catalyze the growing demand of different types of signal jammers during the forecast period from 2017 to 2025. In addition, constant investment in jamming technologies for the purpose of meeting the next generation capability is also anticipated to increase the demand of signal jammers in the upcoming years. In turn this is also projected to affect the signal jammer market in a positive manner during the forecast period.

In spite of many driving factors, the signal jammer market is expected to show a shrink and fluctuation in growth rate because of the legal issues associated with the cellular phone jammer. Availability of cheap and small signal jamming devices are threatening to the society and acting as a restraining factor for the global signal jammer market. Ease of building the software reprogrammable radio and related system is going to create significant opportunity for signal jammers in coming years.

By application, the military and defense application held the largest market share because of the testing and development of very long range discrimination radar. However, the home security application is also  projected to achieve steady growth during the forecast period. Ease of operations and easy availability of wireless home alarm makes it the most appropriate choice for various end user segments.

Geographically, the global signal jammer market is mainly driven by North America region. Presence of major vendors and the introduction of favorable government policies in this region is driving the market of North America region. Rapidly growing expenditure in defense system is predicted to fasten the demand of signal jammer, thereby expected to drive the signal jammer market rapidly. This region is expected to maintain its dominance in the market during the forecast period owing to the presence of huge number of signal jammer manufacturers in countries like the U.S.

Some of the leading players operating in the signal jammer market includes BAE Systems (The U.K.), Northrop Grumman (The U.S.), Raytheon (The U.S.), HSS Development (The U.S.), Harris Corporation(The U.S.), Lockheed Martin (The U.S.), Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel), MCTECH TECHNOLOGY (The U.S.), and  Wolves fleet Technology Co., Limited(China)  among others.

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