Blog Editor’s Note: GPS is an invisible utility that underpins most every networked technology. All nations must get better at preventing, detecting and stopping these kinds of disruptions.

In Europe the STRIKE3 project’s limited sampling has discovered 300 “jammer families,” 50,000 GPS denial events, and hundreds of thousands of interference events.

We continue to be disappointed we don’t see more reports like this out of the Untied States.

Thanks to Chronos Technology for making these case studies available.

Identifying Employee Jamming Fleet Tracking System to Leave Work Early

In early January 2018 Gloucestershire Constabulary traffic officers were travelling in a marked car northbound on the M5 between junctions 12 and 11A when their Chronos CTL3520 GPS jamming detector was activated by a vehicle on the southbound carriageway. The officers turned at junction 11A, travelled south and caught up with the vehicle which was a works van. The van was still activating the jamming detector as the officers pulled in front and displayed their “Follow Me” matrix board. The van followed the police officers into Gloucester South Services Area. As it entered the  services, it triggered the JammerCam™ which photographs passing vehicles carrying activated GPS jammers.