Blog Editor’s Note: A recent article about South Korea’s budding eLoran system and a presentation at the recent IALA Conference in Inchon is only available in Korean. The Google Translate version quoted from below clearly skews a couple ideas moving them from Korean to English, but does provide an insight that we had not seen before. Emphasis added by us.

…Park Sang-hyun, director of the Public Technology Research Institute at the Marine & Plant Research Institute, said…”There was also concern that the development of a system to replace GPS when problems occurred was urgent,” explaining the background that Korea is leading the [development/implementation] of eLoran.

eLoran is unlikely to disturb radio waves because it uses terrestrial waves, unlike satellite signals, which come off the ground 25,000 km away and reach the ground. Park said “Once eLoran is completed it will be used in all four industries, including vessels, autonomous vehicles and drone, which should be provided with real-time navigation system service… Britain and other advanced countries are showing great interest in Korea, especially in eLoran,” he said…

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