Blog Editor’s Note: An interesting paper and approach from Orolia. The thesis that, while clocks, inertial, and fiber all have their place in a resilient architecture, our economy has gone wireless, is an interesting one. As is the point they make about it being infinitely scaleable.

A Holistic Approach to Trusted, Resilient PNT:

GNSS, STL, and eLoran



It is hard to imagine any business being able to function at a fraction of its current level without the continuous wireless PNT services they have come to rely upon. The governments of the United States and United Kingdom have shown that PNT is essential for critical infrastructure, national security, and economic wellbeing. The European Union has called for complementary and backup systems for traditional GNSS.

Yet no PNT system, including GNSS, is perfect. Nor can one system provide the trust, resilience, performance, and security that individuals, businesses, and national critical infrastructure demand. Putting the user first requires a more holistic approach – a resilient architecture that can always be trusted to deliver accurate information. The pillars of that architecture are GNSS in medium Earth orbit, STL in low Earth orbit, and eLoran with its feet planted firmly on the ground. This trusted, resilient suite will be more than sufficient for the great majority of users, but can easily be supplemented if needed by other sensors.

A comprehensive, holistic approach to trusted, resilient PNT is the only way to ensure that modern economies can be sure to keep the lights on and their business and populations thriving.

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