The European Commission published the European Radio Navigation plan (ERNP) last week.

Among other things, the plan calls for non-space backup systems – something we heartily endorse. From the plan’s conclusion:

“There are, however, some challenges that will need to be addressed. At Earth’s surface, the power of GNSS signals is very low, which makes them vulnerable to natural and artificial interference. Especially significant is the vulnerability of GNSS signals to intentional attacks like jamming and spoofing. Because of this, it is generally recognized that, at least for critical applications, GNSS should not be the sole source of PNT information, not even within the new multi-constellation and multi-frequency reality. Alternative PNT systems, not necessarily using radio frequencies, should thus be put in place where the criticality of the application requires it. Requirements for backup PNT systems in each user segment with the open challenge of anticipating future sectoral needs must be analysed.”

Blog Editor’s Note: When we spoke to Mr. Dominic Hayes last March at the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit, a European Radio Navigation Plan was just a concept and Dominic said “This is something we have to do.” We never imagined he could get it written and published in under a year.  Congratulations  and “well done” to all involved!