At the Munich Satellite Summit last year a rep from the European Union announced that they had detected more than 150,000 unique electronic signatures of GNSS jamming devices on the continent.

Unlike the United States and other areas of the world which undoubtedly have similar problems, the EU is doing something about it.

Their STRIKE3 project has several initiatives and is very interested in your thoughts and participation in each:

GNSS Receiver Testing Standards – Proposed voluntary standards for testing receivers to gauge their resistance to jamming and spoofing.

Interference Reporting Standards – Proposed standards for how to report and collect information on GNSS interference.

Threat Impact Analysis – An effort to determine the real impacts of GNSS disruptions. Download the survey here and send it and your thoughts to [email protected].

Interference Data Collection and Analysis – The STRIKE3 website makes their results available. The project is also looking for help around the world hosting monitoring sensors for six months. Access the interference detection data from here. If interested in hosting a sensor contact [email protected].

A presentation about STRIKE3 given to the US PNT Advisory Board is available here.