Image: Cerbair

Blog Editor’s Note: Many in the new drone countermeasures industry include GPS jamming in their equipment. Here are a few examples sent to us by an alert member: 

AntiDrone – Jams GPS and other signals. Company based in Denmark

Dedrone – Jams or spoofs GPS & GLONASS. Company offices in USA and Germany

Drone Defence – Jams navigation signals. Company based in UK

Drone Shield – GPS & GLONASS jamming optional, not authorized for sale in US except to government agencies. Company offices in Australia and USA

Our Take:

The biggest problem with GPS in the USA is that no one is in charge.

Sure, the US Air Force puts GPS signals in space, but their responsibility ends as soon as the signals leave the satellites. 

But no one is paying attention to the signal when it gets to the ground. 

Tens of thousands of jammers are used in the USA every day. Yet we have no:

  • System to detect disruptions
  • Central repository for disruption reports
  • Action plan to stop jammers or protect users
  • Mandates for quality (jam & spoof resistant) receivers in critical applications

The  statute protecting GPS signals in the USA is the Communications Act of 1934. We are pretty sure that GPS isn’t about communications, and that it wasn’t around in 1934.

Given this lack of attention, it’s no surprise that businesses feel safe touting products and features that are illegal in the USA and many other countries.