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Periodically RNTF will post information drawn from GPS disruption reports sent to the US government and others over the last several years. We endeavor to include enough information to make them helpful to our readers while preserving the anonymity of the reporting parties.

Report Narrative: “Good day. Today at the routine inspection of iSAT PRO units, placing calls was very difficult. All 3 installed units are in dock stations, report of the station OS “green” Ready for Service. The same problem found at the second Nuclear station [name, latitude, longitude]. Display message was: “New GPS fix is needed” and call was disconnected.  All iSAT phone stations have been working OK for about 6 months. My colleague, has had received 2 claims of GPS customers today – location not closer ascertained. Roughly [within 300km].  Please is there any problem over [our region]? The iSAT PRO units are a part of the nuclear security system. Thank you very much.”

Blog Editor’s Note: This is yet another excellent example of how GPS has become an invisible yet essential component of critical systems.

Information for this post was drawn from a report received by the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center.