Image: Wikimedia Commons

Blog Editor’s Note: Our friend and aviation systems expert Mitch Narins at Strategic Synergies, LLC ran across this published, but little-known report, last week.

“GPS Dependencies in the Transportation Sector” was issued by the DOT Volpe Center in August 2016. It is a very good overview of GPS use, vulnerabilities, and alternatives . And doesn’t limit itself to just transportation applications.

Interestingly, this comprehensive report has never briefed, or even mentioned, to the National PNT Advisory Board. In fact, every non-government employee we have spoken to was unaware of it until recently.

Some items in the report of interest:

  • Discussion of dependencies in critical infrastructure sectors – text and table on page 30
  • Considerations and best practices for safe use of GPS/GNSS – pages 41 – 43
  • Table of alternative systems for position and navigation – page 45
  • Table of alternative systems for timing – page 52

We highly recommend it as an educational and reference document.