The US Army seems to be ramping up its concern and efforts over GPS denial in Europe and Korea.

Last week, Maj. Gen. Wilson Shoffner told an AFCEA gathering that his Rapid Capabilities Office, which is concerned with fielding cyber and positioning, navigation, and timing solutions, was:

“Looking very closely at the challenges in Europe, the challenge on the Korean Peninsula, all commandant commands … starting with Europe and then the Korean Peninsula”

Link to report in

Yesterday the Army released a Request For Information looking for:

“… technologies available to develop an integrated Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) capability for the Dismounted Soldier that – uses a military global positioning system (GPS) receiver; is able to incorporate M-code technology when available; significantly improves access to GPS signals in all conditions; utilizes non-GPS augmentation to continue GPS-like performance when GPS signals are not available…”

Here is the link to the RFI

From everything we have seen, and we only see the open source, the Army has every reason to be worried and to act.