ATIS Time and Money Workshop at NY Stock Exchange on 25 Jan 17. Note old clock on left side of the room. Apparently time has been important to financial systems for a while.

The ATIS “Time and Money” workshop at the New York Stock Exchange last week had something for everyone. There were technical presentations, panel discussions, and even a sales pitch or two.

Some of the things that we heard:

‘People often buy GPS timing receivers according to price rather than need. This hazards the systems and infrastructure they are used in because the receivers don’t have the type of anti-jam, anti-spoof, and hold-over capabilities they should.’ – A followup question from the panel moderator was why there isn’t a Underwriter’s Lab-like system and marking for receivers. No one had a good answer.

‘Companies that provide time-as-a-service are often frustrated by customers who further distribute the time within their own systems but don’t account for the additional delays and loss of precision that this creates.’

‘Many users think their time is traceable, but it isn’t. This is especially true if GPS is the source.  GPS time is only traceable until the point at which it leaves the satellite.’

 Video of all the presentations and discussions will be available at the ATIS homepage by the end of this week.