The RNT Foundation has actively endorsed specific legislation to provide more resilient PNT services. In a letter to selected members of the Senate the foundation endorsed HR 5978 which would require the US Coast Guard to establish an eLoran system to serve as a complement and backup capability for GPS.

Many senior government officials have long agreed that such a system is needed. Last year foundation Vice President Martin Faga testified before Congress that the lack of single responsible federal executive agent was the biggest obstacle to progress.

The bill resolves this issue by appointing the US Coast Guard. In many ways the Coast Guard is a very good choice. It already owns the infrastructure upon which the new system will be built, and has expertise in eLoran and similar technologies. It also has national defense, homeland security, and transportation responsibilities, all of which will be supported by the new system.

“Our scientific and education charity is technology agnostic” said Dana Goward, foundation President. “We, along with many others inside and outside of government, recognize the problem and that the risk to the nation gets greater every day. The government has identified eLoran as the solution of choice. We are encouraging them to get on with what they have said they are going to do and protect America.”