Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK 10 June 2016

Arqiva, the communications infrastructure company, is trialling eLoran timing technology – which delivers precise UTC traceable time – from the Anthorn transmitter in Cumbria. Chronos Technology is running the trial through its Innovate UK – the UK’s Innovation Agency – grant supported research project “GAUL”.


As a provider of broadcast, satellite and telecommunications services, Arqiva is dependent on accurate time and frequency, so by trialling the eLoran technology alongside its existing Global Positioning System (GPS), it will be able to monitor any time and frequency inaccuracies that can occur as a result of external factors, such as local interference, jamming, spoofing and space weather events.

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Blog editor’s note: The GPS timing malfunction in January disrupted digital broadcasts in many locations, including the UK. One wit noted “GPS did what Hitler couldn’t – it knocked the BBC off air.”   The British are very concerned about PNT resiliency and this press release is not a surprise.