Blog Editor Note: In December a group of Congressmen wrote to Deputy Secretary Mendez at the Department of Transportation objecting to DoT’s plans to demolish and dispose of  National Differential GPS infrastructure. They agreed that some signals may be needed, but urged the department to retain the infrastructure for possible use until decisions on the nation’s PNT architecture were made.

Shortly after this letter was sent, Deputy Secretary Mendez from DoT and Deputy Secretary Work from DoD advised Congress that the nation would build an eLoran timing system while finalizing the requirements for a larger PNT network.

Below is the story from “GPS World” about the Congressmen’s letter on NDGPS. It has a link to the actual letter which is worth a read.


US congressmen seek delay to NDGPS closings

March 25, 2016  – By

Four U.S. congressman sent a letter to the Department of Transportation asking the DoT to delay shutting down Nationwide Differential GPS (NDGPS) sites, a proposal that was posted in the Federal Register.

The congressmen are asking for a delay until the “administration has decided upon and implemented a resilient national positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) architecture.”