Loran signals from France, Norway, Denmark and Germany were terminated on the 31st of December 2015 in accordance with longstanding plans. The United Kingdom’s signal is still on air being transmitted from their facility at Anthorn.

Signals were terminated as a result of longstanding French and Norwegian government plans. We understand that both governments had failed to find sufficient users of Loran-C to justify its use as a navigation system. Inquires to both governments about GNSS vulnerability and the need for robust timing by critical infrastructure have gone unanswered.

While it is not possible to use the single Loran/eLoran transmission from Anthorn for navigation, it could serve as a timing reference.

A new US-UK joint venture – Taviga – is reaching out to the respective European Governments who have switched off their Loran assets to explore taking on some or all of the idle assets.

The European move comes just after US officials announced their intent to establish an eLoran system in the United States, first as a timing reference and then as a navigation and timing network.