We were surprised and pleased to get an invitation last week that read:

“The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA) of the UK and Ireland are delighted to invite you to attend the launch of a new commercially owned and operated international low frequency wireless timing and navigation initiative…

The initiative is led from the US, with substantial US industry financial backing. Based on eLoran technology, and with a smooth transition from the current UK eLoran when fully operational, this new service will complement existing and future Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Timing and Navigation services and provide resilience against GNSS jamming and interference.

The initiative covers many sectors including maritime, telecommunications, multimodal transport and logistics, finance and critical national infrastructure…”

We were also flattered to be invited to give the keynote address kicking off the event on the 6th of August.

This is a very interesting development and we will be reporting on the proceedings of the meeting as soon as possible afterward. Stay tuned!

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