Local chapters of the Institute of Navigation don’t normally meet at a global center of excellence, nor are they usually addressed by members of Congress. But both of those are happening Thursday, July 22nd.

The program for the evening is “Keeping and Sharing Time – Policy and Demonstrations.” After introductions by CAPT Brian D. Connon, Superintendent of the Naval Observatory, Congressman Garamendi will kick off the program discussing US government policies and requirements for precise time. The program will also feature presentations by:

  • Sarah Mahmood – DHS S&T Program Manager
  • Mr. Ed Powers – GPS and Time Transfer Division Chief, US Naval Observatory
  • Mr. Chuck Schue – President & CEO, UrsaNav & Dr. Ron Bruno, Lead Engineer – Harris Corp.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour the Naval Observatory after the presentations. Sights will include a 19th century telescope that is still in use and the time room where five rubidium fountains keep America’s time standard. To read more about the upcoming event, click HERE.