We have always been a fan of the interesting, methodical and technically astute ways Dr. Sally Basker (PhD, BEng, FRIN) has of looking at and explaining things.

In one of her recent efforts she outlined 21 different types of GNSS disruptions. Not only is this an interesting mental model for policy makers and technologies alike, but it should be yet another clarion call for governments and industries to Protect, Toughen and Augment GNSS services.

Dr. Basker’s matrix of 21 types of disruption represents thousands of possible sources, methods and motives, any one of which could result in a disastrous incident with lives lost and significant economic damage.

Thank you Dr. Basker for helping us get our heads around a very large, very complex set of threats and vulnerabilities. Your insight has given the rest of us a method of clearer thinking, even if those thoughts can be pretty scary.