Logan Scott is a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation and a well-recognized authority on these issues. This webinar is well worth your time.


GPS Interference: Origins, Effects & Mitigations Webinar
Now Available On-Demand 

If you missed the live event with the AOC Virtual Series last week, we wanted to let you know the GPS Interference: Origins, Effects & Mitigations webinar is now available. The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is committed to the continuing education of the Electronic Warfare professional, and Rohde & Schwarz is a proud sponsor of the education and training efforts of the AOC organization and the AOC Virtual Series Webinars.

The Global Positioning System, GPS, is critical for our military capability and national infrastructure where reliance on the signals is necessary for precise location and timing information. Yet, GPS signal reception is potentially vulnerable to interference and spoofing.

GPS Interference: Origins, Effects & Mitigations webinar provides a quick review of GPS signals and how receivers determine position. The effects of select interference types and their jamming effectiveness is examined and the effect of ground mobile propagation impact on effective range is discussed. Finally, several mitigation techniques are discussed such as adaptive arrays and inertial measurement unit (IMU) assistance.

As a leader in GPS test solutions, Rohde & Schwarz understands the need to educate and inform our customers to be successful with their products and systems. If you are involved with the fielding or use of GPS technology for your products, systems, or services, please take the time to view the latest webinar: GPS Interference: Origins, Effects & Mitigations.