AIS – GNSS Fraud on the High Seas

October 21, 2014

20 October 2014, Maritime Executive Magazine – Rising Fraud on the High Seas

“Report first-ever comprehensive review finds data relied on by finance, shipping and security sectors is increasingly manipulated and unreliable

In the first industry research report to document intentional data manipulation at sea, specialized data and analytics company, Windward, has found that ships worldwide are increasingly manipulating data to conceal their identity, location and destination, undermining the ability to track their activities…

GPS Manipulation: There has been a 59% increase in the number of ships transmitting incorrect positioning information over the past two years, allowing ships to obscure their actual location. Chinese fishing vessels account for 44% of GPS manipulators…

There are significant incentives – both criminal and financial – to conceal the real identities, locations or destinations of ships…”

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