GPS Signal Jamming Destroys China Drone Show – Again

Photo Peter Wong Blog Editor’s Note: In May a drone show in Xi’an, China was disrupted by GPS jamming. About one third of the 1,300+ drones were affected and unable to keep their positions in the display formation. In the Hong Kong show reported on below, only 100 drones were in use, but 46 of them crashed and were destroyed. We also note that a criminal investigation is underway. Perhaps we should have more of that in the US and Europe when GPS/GNSS is jammed.     South China Morning Post HK$1 million in damage caused by GPS jamming that caused 46 drones to plummet during Hong Kong show Expert says powerful device must have been used given how far machines were from land Online search shows large range of drone jamming and hacking electronics available for sale Simone McCarthy,¬†William Zheng,¬†Denise Tsang PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 October, 2018, 4:08pm UPDATED … Continue reading GPS Signal Jamming Destroys China Drone Show – Again