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Read below what people are saying about navigation and timing, GPS dependence and resilient critical infrastructures. People are talking and we should be listening. Add your voice.

Critical infrastructure must be secure and able to withstand and rapidly recover from all hazards.

US President Barrack Obama, PPD-21 (February 2013)

Reliance on satellite navigation and timing systems has become a single point of failure for much of America and is our largest, unaddressed critical infrastructure problem.

Dr. Brad Parkinson, “The father of GPS” (2013)

The next few decades will see pervasive autonomous control systems become critical to the world economy—from autonomous cars and aircraft to smart homes, smart cities, and vast energy, communication, and financial networks controlled at multiple scales. Protecting these systems from malicious navigation and timing attacks is a matter of urgent societal interest.

Todd Humphreys, Univ. of Texas (2013)

…the Global Positioning System has grown into a global utility…integral to U.S. national security, economic growth, transportation safety, and homeland security, and are an essential element of the worldwide economic infrastructure…

US President George Bush, NSPD 39 (December 2004)

The greatest upcoming challenge in PNT security will be providing proof of location or time to a skeptical second party.

Todd Humphreys, Univ. of Texas (2013)

The United States is now critically dependent on GPS…cell phone towers, power grid synchronization, new aircraft landing systems, and the future FAA Air Traffic Control System cannot function without it… increasing incidents of deliberate or inadvertent interference that render GPS inoperable for critical infrastructure operations.

National PNT Advisory Board (November 2010)

The Nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin American society. Proactive and coordinated efforts are necessary to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure—including assets, networks, and systems…

US President Barrack Obama, PPD-21 (February 2013)

The Secretary of Transportation shall…develop, acquire, operate, and maintain backup position, navigation, and timing capabilities that can support critical transportation, homeland security, and other critical civil and commercial infrastructure…in the event of a disruption of the Global Positioning System or other space-based positioning, navigation, and timing services…

US President George Bush NSPD 39 (December 2004)

The cyber threat to critical infrastructure continues to grow and represents one of the most serious national security challenges we must confront. The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable functioning of the Nation’s critical infrastructure in the face of such threats.

US President Barrack Obama, Executive Order 13636 (February 2013)

We strongly recommend that the previously announced decision (to deploy eLoran as the primary Alternate PNT) should be reconfirmed and quickly implemented.

National PNT Advisory Board (November 2010)

Positioning, Navigation and Time (PNT) service has become a worldwide utility – thanks to GPS. In fact, PNT service is now worth Billions of dollars a year, yet taken for granted. On the other hand this service is potentially threatened by Jamming and related threats. I subscribe to PTA – Protect, Toughen and Augment this valuable asset. Particularly appealing is the use of eLoran to Augment or as a stand alone service. In this role, eLoran would be a powerful deterrent to malicious interference.

Dr. Brad Parkinson, “The father of GPS”, Stanford University (2013)

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